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Holy MAC Dupes!

Alright, so I was watching this video on YouTube by one of my favorite makeup gurus, vintageortacky, and she reviewed these WetnWild palettes that she claimed contained shadows that are dead ringers for MAC eyeshadows.

My initial thought was, 'WetnWild?!? Yeah right!! No way those shadows could compare to MAC shadows! I used to buy WetnWild when I was little as 'play makeup'!' (I'm not knocking WetnWild in any way, I like their products and have several of their lipglosses as well as their Turquiose liquid liner--which is the craziest, most beautiful color!!--BUT WetnWild does occasionally put out products that aren't the best quality.

Welllllllll evidentally the days of WetnWild 'play makeup' are over my friends!! These palettes are AMA-ZA-ZING!! And vintageortacky was completely right when she said they could totally pass as MAC dupes!! They have a great consistency, are highly pigmented and come in a great variety!

Officially they are called the Color Icon Eyeshadow Palettes and you get 6 e/s all named after each of the 7 deadly sins. I got mine at Walgreens, so I'm sure you can find them at any local drugstore or Walmart and they retail for about $4.99 (um yeah, a single MAC e/s is $14.50!)

I got Pride and Lust (for now ;))



Lust Swatches:

MAC Dupes (from left):
Pink Mink
FairlyLite Pigment or Naked Pigment
Fig 1
Beauty Marked (this one is so close to the same it's ridiculous!)
Shadowy Lady
Knight Devine

Pride Swatches:

MAC Dupes (from left):
Crystal Avalanche (little chalky and not as pigmented as CA but close!)
Newly Minted
Steamy or Shimmermoss 
Deep Truth 

That's ONE swip of my finger people!!! Some of the e/s aren't EXACT matches but for $4.99...close e-freakin-nough!! :)

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